Serving the Children of the World

Financial Review/Fundraising Committee

This committee reviews the Community Service and Administration Accounts and performance of the Foundation account.  It also reviews budget recommendations.  This committee brainstorms for new ideas to raise money and reviews current fundraisers to make sure they are still profitable.

Unless our club’s financial records are audited by a qualified accounting firm, our club will also have a financial review committee to complete this task. This committee performs an annual financial audit of club accounts and reports to club leadership.

A fundraiser usually starts with a need: How can we fix this problem? Once club members come up with a solution, the next question is: How will we fund it? And thus a fundraiser is born. Service and fundraising efforts go hand in hand. And committee members will work hand in hand too to make a difference in the community or around the world.


Specific Responsibilities:

  • Review financials quarterly for accuracy and accountability
  • Develop plans for fundraisers and events to get approved by Board
  • Develop timeline, materials list, and task list for all planned fundraisers at least 3 months prior to the event date
  • Annual Fundraisers:
    • Daddy/Daughter Dance – Typically in March
    • Pancake Breakfast – Typically in April
    • Consistenly brainstorming new ideas