Serving the Children of the World

Membership/Public Relations Committee

This committee encourages members to invite prospects to the meetings.  It also conducts new member orientation.  The Chairperson leads the induction ceremony.  This committee strives to keep members informed of the “details” of Kiwanis.  It organizes membership drives or events to encourage growth. This committee sends well wishes to members that are sick or missed meetings.  This committee handles public relations for the club.

The Membership/Public Relations Committee monitors all aspects of membership, including invitations, retention and education—bringing in new members, teaching them about Kiwanis and then ensuring that the member experience meets everyone’s expectations. That’s no small job.

Is our community aware of the remarkable work our club is doing? This committee spreads the word. It contributes directly to the success and growth of our club projects and events—even the growth efforts.


Specific Responsibilities:

  • Promotes the importance of inviting prospective members to the club
  • Conducts new member orientation
  • Promotes club activities and events through social media, press releases, email, & website
  • Sends “get well” cards to sick members and “missed you” cards to chronically absent members
  • Conducts New Member Induction Ceremony


Current Committee Members - 

Bruce Bradford

Alan Winter